MRC CPL Filter

H&Y MRC CPL applies Japanese AGC glass. There are 16 coatings including AR coatings and super-hard water-repellent coating.With Japanese NITTO polarizing film, the product quality is highly ensured. Matte finish, unibody and rotatable filter rim is only 5.35mm thick.

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K-Series Holder

We are proud to introduce our brand new patent holder for 100mm square filter use and with plug-in MRC CPL. This holder is made of high quality environmental friendly aviation aluminum CNC. It can shift quickly between CPL and ND filters, and the special black-out cotton design make sure no light leak even with multi-ND filters.

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Square ND Filter

H&Y Square ND filter applied Germany SCHOTT glass with vacuum metal coating, making the filter performance much more outstanding. Make a big difference to the photography. Square ND filter is recommended for photographers who have different lenses and those who want to add multi filters when shooting.

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ND2-400 Filter

H&Y ND2~400 is our 3rd generation variable ND. Undergoing the previous two generations, the product is being mature enough. Germany SCHOTT glass is applied and the matte finish aluminum filter rim is only 11.5mm. ND2-400 with 9 stops Reduction function can be achieved by rotating the filter rim.

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In 1986, the factory was established as a joint venture with USD 18 million funds including R&D and manufacture. We have the most state-in-art laboratory and product development group to provide high quality OEM and ODM services.

In 2006, brand H&Y was founded and registered in HongKong, With high quality and great brand image , H&Y filters received good appreciation and welcomed by both amateurs professional photographers.

In 2012, H&Y succeeded in registering the trade mark H&Y in Mainland and began to enter the domestic market.

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