Brand Ambassadors

Eugene Theron

I’m Eugene Theron, a landscape photographer primarily focussing on the mountainous regions of the world.

I feel privileged to be based close to Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, one of the most dramatic and beautiful mountainous regions in the UK, and to be able to explore this unique landscape on a regular basis. Being in the mountains is my passion, whether it revolves around taking photographs, climbing, trekking or combining all three activities.

From reading a National Geographic article about Patagonia when I was a child, to seeing other photographers work, to taking part in all the mountain activities I love, I have always felt inspired by these remote and brooding landscapes. While these subjects are my primary photographic interest, I have also expanded my portfolio into other aspects of nature and the coastal environment.

Being a landscape photographer I have found that filters are an integral part of my setup. They allow me to have a lot of creative control in the field and facilitate my ability to generate awell-balanced image. I find that this makes the post processing workflow easier and less invasive, resulting in more authentic images.

Sander Poppe

My name is Sander Poppe (1984) born nearby the sea. I think that's the reason why I love to shoot nearby the coast. I live in the Netherlands, nearby the famous Kinderdijk windmills.

I'm an autodidact. I taught photography to myself. This started when I needed a hobby. I needed distraction when I was diagnosed with diabetes.

When I started with photography, I discovered that I love to shoot landscape. After that discovery I bought some filters from Cokin, B&W and after a while some nice LEE Filters. A few months back I tested the H&Y filters and I love them.... So H&Y is from that moment in my bag.... and the other brands stay at home ;-)

Mirko Boni

"My passion for photography takes me around the world and that's why, in my adventures I chose the best filters. H&Y is innovation and quality, perfect and resistant, ready for every situation even the most demanding. My filters must work at best, whether I'm using that at -20 ° in the Icelandic ice or at + 40 ° in the American deserts "

Mirko Boni has been photographing since the age of 11 and is a landscape photographer, specializing in sunsets, nocturnal and panoramic. His favorite subjects are the alpine and lagoon landscapes but above all those of his Sardinia, where he is known for sports photography, particularly in the world of cycling races. His works have been exhibited in various exhibitions of landscape photography and in London's Somerset House during the 2015 sony Awards contest in which he ranked third in the panoramic photos Italy category.

Giovanni Corona

I'm a Sardinian Landscaper truly in love of my land, especially the Sulcis Iglesiente.
Repeatedly awarded internationally, published and exposed in various national and international newspapers and exposures, I've always been in search of the better photographic experience especially using the right instruments. I'm sure of this: I really don't need the best camera available but really need the best the situation, enjoying the moment free of thoughts, free of complications, leaving away the bad experiences.

So my standards about 3rd parts (as switches, tripods, backpacks) are very high. That's the same for filter system, of course. After a lot of experiences (always not very good), I've found H & Y: there is no manufacturer like H & Y.

A patented system like K-Series is something that you can never find in other brands... yeah maybe some similar, with "half solutions" but absolutely not as this guys have build: a magnetic system which gives the total control of the squares indipendently by the polarizer (or the combo or nd) without any problem of light leaking, of control, of use, of safety about my filters. They are an awesome brand which true listen photographers and, trust me, try to realize the best product to satisfy the most exigent photographer.

Dibyendu Das

Landscape & Travel Photography Artist


Freelance photographer, focus on landscape photography, SWPA 2018 Youth group entry winner and SWPA 2019 Youth group shortlist winner. Collaborate with Getty Image China and iStock.

Jasminder Singh

I am Jassi Oberai, landscape photographer based in India. I am a photo mentor and a Brand Ambassador with Panasonic India, Sirui Tripods and Datacolor. I conduct workshops almost all across the world.

Capturing stunning vistas of the natural part of the amazing world is my passion and I love sharing my knowledge with anyone who shows the desire to learn. Being a landscape photographer has its own challenges and accessories if not chosen wisely can pose a huge risk both to the camera and final image quality. I believe "No Compromise" formula which decides the destiny of a photographer and most beginner photographers fail there.

I realise that people spend lot of money in buying a good camera and then compromise with almost everything they buy which actually hampers the final quality of their images. After monkey-jumping through many brands of filters, for the first time I believe I have found something which can be easily called a top notch ND Filter System. It stands right at the top of ND Filter pyramid.

Prakash Singh

Prakash is a Dubai based photographer, Originally from India, Prakash moved to Dubai in 2006, this is where he picked up his First Digital Camera in 2008 which was a birthday gift from his Wife.
At first photography started as a hobby from his childhood he was around Art thanks to his Mom & dad, be it painting, playing his guitar or playing with his Dad's Film camera & through his Professional career in  Interior & Architecture Designing.

His pure passion of Photography became his 2nd Profession in 2012, his interest towards travelling & teaching photography prompted him & his friend Akhter to open a photography group called "UAE Landscapers" through which they regularly hosts Photo-walk, International Photo-trip, Exhibition & promote upcoming photographers.
Prakash never believed out of the camera images "for me my photography reflects my thoughts, my emotions & feeling  about the area & surrounding I am shooting at. If the image don't speak to me & doesn't reflect what I was thinking while clicking the image I never publish them".
Even though he is in love with Landscape, Cityscape & Wildlife photography but he shoots every photography genera as he says "I believe if I am not I will miss the fun of creating them".
Prakash is Sony Middle East Ambassador, Educator, H&Y, Leofoto Global Ambassador & social media Influencer.
UPI Gold medal winner, Finalist of 2016 SWPA & 2016 Hipa Photography awards.