Brand Ambassadors

Eugene Theron

I’m Eugene Theron, a landscape photographer primarily focussing on the mountainous regions of the world.

I feel privileged to be based close to Snowdonia National Park in North Wales, one of the most dramatic and beautiful mountainous regions in the UK, and to be able to explore this unique landscape on a regular basis. Being in the mountains is my passion, whether it revolves around taking photographs, climbing, trekking or combining all three activities.

From reading a National Geographic article about Patagonia when I was a child, to seeing other photographers work, to taking part in all the mountain activities I love, I have always felt inspired by these remote and brooding landscapes. While these subjects are my primary photographic interest, I have also expanded my portfolio into other aspects of nature and the coastal environment.

Being a landscape photographer I have found that filters are an integral part of my setup. They allow me to have a lot of creative control in the field and facilitate my ability to generate awell-balanced image. I find that this makes the post processing workflow easier and less invasive, resulting in more authentic images.

Sarah Howard

Sarah Howard is a professional UK landscape photographer and workshop provider in some of the most scenic regions of the UK and Europe Inspired, and subsequently mentored, by the renowned UK landscape photographer Charlie Waite, Sarah now runs her own workshop company; ‘Image Seen’ which offers a variety of landscape photography workshops throughout the UK and Europe. A frequent contributor to a number of photographic publications, she is currently working on my second book; ‘Photographing the Cotswolds’; part of the FotoVUE guidebook series. Sarah is also a regular speaker on the subject of landscape photography to photographic societies,

In her own words: "I am a great believer of getting it right in camera and seek to capture the landscape as it is and to photograph it naturally and beautifully. As a creative tool the camera has allowed me to express my love of the landscape. Photography has certainly changed my life in the sense that it’s opened my eyes and allowed me to truly ‘see' the beauty of what is around me. With a greater appreciation of the landscape I feel I have also developed a greater connection”.

Sander Poppe

My name is Sander Poppe (1984) born nearby the sea. I think that's the reason why I love to shoot nearby the coast. I live in the Netherlands, nearby the famous Kinderdijk windmills.

I'm an autodidact. I taught photography to myself. This started when I needed a hobby. I needed distraction when I was diagnosed with diabetes.

When I started with photography, I discovered that I love to shoot landscape. After that discovery I bought some filters from Cokin, B&W and after a while some nice LEE Filters. A few months back I tested the H&Y filters and I love them.... So H&Y is from that moment in my bag.... and the other brands stay at home ;-)